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Conducting a sale / Preparations for the sale

Regarding the living area of an apartment: The law (Loi Carrez) dictates that the exact living area must be stated in every promesse or compromis de vente and also in the “authentic file“, the concluding document to be signed in the presence of the notary which concludes the passage of title. The seller must obtain an appropriate surveyor’s report, if not already available, and present this when selling.

The law dictates that the seller must also provide several other documents as proof of quality. The notary will check that these have been presented.

These include:

- Inspection for termites if the respective object is located in an area in which there is termite infestation. The seller has to present a survey from an appropriate appraiser to the notary which is not older than 3 months.

- If the purchase object was built before 1948, the owner must present a survey regarding possible lead content which is not older than 1 year

- If the purchase object was built before 1.7.1997, the seller must present a survey to the notary regarding the existence of asbestos.

The « charges de copropriété » / the housing expenses: Before purchasing an apartment the buyer should have a look at the “règlement de copropriété“ (the declaration of subdivision for the owners’ community). Community property and the individual properties are precisely described there and the respective conditions of use are laid down. The declaration of subdivision is a form of fundamental law of the owners’ community.

In the same way, the informed buyer will also take a look at the last minutes of the “assemblée générale“ ( the owner's general meeting). Here one can find information about work projects agreed by the owners’ community. And lastly, he should ask to see the last two bills for the “charges de copropriété“ (maintenance/running costs). The seller should keep all these documents readily available in a file.