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Right of succession

Only information about the basic rules and particularities for the case of inheritance of property allocated in France are to be given. These then can and should prompt, if necessary, discussions with a specialist, most suitable a notary and a mutual finding of the aimed at solution for the respective case or at least of finding an approach to the desired solution.

Principle is that real estate allocated in France is subject to French law even if the owner is a foreigner. However for chattels the right of succession of the country applies in which the deceased had his/her last residency. It is important to address the role which the French right of succession allocates the surviving spouse, if applicable:

Since 7.1.2002 the legal regulation applies that in the case that no testamentary decree exists the surviving spouse can choose between 2 options:

- Either he/she chooses the usufruct („usufruit“) for the entire real estate inheritance

- or he/she chooses a quarter of the entire property („pleine propriété“: this defines the entire property with all rights for the real estate in particular the one to sell it) of the inheritance.

Should the surviving spouse not have made a decision between these two options within three months the choice of usufruct is assumed.

The remaining inheritance is divided among the rest of the existing kindredship according to quite complicated rules.

Testamentary decrees can rule otherwise however also in these cases the freely available part of the inheritance in favour of the surviving spouse is limited by the large legal share for the kindredship.

Once again the recommendation to mutually find an appropriate arrangement with a notary and to implement it in the case of succession.

In this case the foundation of a S.C.I. („Société civile immobilière“) can play a decisive role because share certificates of a S.C.I. are classified as variable assets which are not subject to the French right of succession.