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Taxation of the gain („plus value“) from sale

In general the increases of value for real estate property in France and in particular on the Cote d’Azur were noteworthy in the last few years so that usually in the case of sale the price to be redeemed is higher than the cost price. The increase in value is not subject to taxation in France if

- the property is a matter of your main place of residence,

- you have been the owner for more than 15 years.

In all other cases taxes are charged according to the following provisions:

- If you are a EU-citizen you must pay a rate of 16%, non-EU-citizens

33 1/3 %

- The tax is reduced depending on the duration of the ownership: no reduction within the first 5 years, in return as of the 6th year immediately of 6% and

- for each further year of another 10% so that after 15 years no tax has to be paid for the sales profit.

Value reducing renovation work which can be documented with invoices reduce the amount to be taxed.

The French State demands that tax foreigners supply a fiscal representative („représentant fiscal“) and in fact independent thereof if sales profit accumulate or not. The fiscal representative ensures any additional claims of the French tax authorities during the time period of 4 years after sale of the real estate. There are 2 cases in which the obligation of a fiscal representative is not existent:

- If the real estate has been owned for more than 15 years

- If the sales price is lower than 150.000 €.