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The current market situation on the Cote d’Azur

After a high peak of the real estate prices on the Cote d’Azur at the beginning of the 1990’s and up until approx. 1998 persistent correction, the prices for new buildings as well as old have since been in a constant upwards trend. In 2005 the market was also characterised not enough offers in comparison to a notably higher demand which above all in 2005 lead to a price increase of approx. 13%.

The quite moderate new development activity could hardly contribute to a relief of this situation.

For the purpose of illustration here the published average prices by the chamber of notaries for apartments in old buildings in the time between 1.4.06 and 31.3.07 in several locations on the Cote d’Azur (8):

Antibes 3.916 €/m² (+10%)

Cannes 5.078 €/m² (+13%)

Grasse 2.520 €/m² (+11%)

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin 4.960 €/m² (+8%)

Sainte Maxime 4.373 €/m² (+17%)

Saint Tropez 7..785 €/m² (32%)

Please note that the range of the correct paid prices is / can be tremendous in many locations from circumstance to circumstance. This context was already illustrated for the example of the price situation in the area of apartments in old buildings in Cannes in 2.5. We are repeating it here once again:

Average price: approx. 5.078 €/m² (8)

The price range in the most „inexpensive location“: approx. 2.000 €/m² to

3.800 €/m²

The factor approx. 10 between most inexpensive and most expensive object is certainly extreme and is normally not existent in other locations in this extreme amount but it shows the problem of the correct estimation of a price and with it the necessity of professional support very clearly. In this respect the above mentioned average prices have at best a statistical value. The real estate objects our customers demand are actually routinely situated in locations / have a quality which is appraised considerably higher than the indicated average prices. Objects in the lower price area are usually declined by our customers.

Some information about the price level in the area of new developments:

The average prices for apartments in the various sectors of the Departement Alpes Maritimes in the time between 1.4.06 and 31.3.07 (8)

Alpes Maritimes 5.081 €/m²

Cannes 5.813 €/m²

Antibes 5.311 €/m²

Nizza 4.681 €/m²

Menton 5.706 €/m²

The increase in demand obtains strong support from the development of the bargain flight connections in particular to Great Britain and Ireland (EasyJet e.g. offers 5 daily flights from Nice to London and back again: Nice is so to say right at the British’s doorstep and the acquisition of holiday property on the Cote d’Azur is the result of a very rational calculus even in the case of a strict price comparison with a similar object in England). On our website at you can find a considerable amount of concrete offers in the area of new developments as well as in the area of older real estate (houses and apartments) which give you quite a good insight in the current price level of the various areas of the Cote d’Azur.