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What does the price of the object depend upon?

The crucial criterion for the price is the same all over the world: THE LOCATION. All depends upon the area, the city, the neighbourhood, the street and even the facility and the floor itself within the facility.

Exclusive locations were already previously discussed: There are expensive areas as for example the Caps (e.g. the Cap Ferrat which can arguably be deemed the most expensive large location on the Cote d’Azur) or Saint Tropez and of course Cannes as well. And there are more inexpensive areas as for example the coast of Sainte Maxime to Fréjus or also the area around Théoule and Mandelieu. In the case of these large locations there is however an immense difference in detail.

The distance to the ocean and the existence of an ocean view has a drastic influence on the price of a respective property.

In this respect property with direct access to the ocean („pieds dans l’eau“) obtains priority over property with “only” an ocean view and in turn far above property with no ocean view at all.

In the example of the price situation in the area of apartments in existing old dwellings in Cannes it is made clear how imperative professional advice is regarding prices / location:

Average price (1.4.06 to 31.3.07): approx. 5.078 €/m² (8)

The price range in the most „inexpensive locations“: approx. 2.000 €/m² to 3.800 €/m²

The price range in the most „expensive locations“: approx. 8.000 €/m² to

25.000 €/m²