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New building or old building?

A priori a new building should be more expensive than an old building of SAME SIZE AND IN THE SAME LOCATION (better noise protection, better heat insulation, 10-year warranty, new technology and so on.). This is immediately clear. That the price of a 3-room apartment in an existing old dwelling for example is nevertheless often more expensive than a

3-room apartment in a new housing development is due to the two emphasised assumptions mentioned above: An apartment in an old existing dwelling is simply often larger than an apartment with the same number of rooms in a new housing development and in addition it is often situated in more expensive, because of the greater demand, locations than the apartment in the new housing development (the beautiful and prestigable locations are often full of „old buildings“ and have been for some time already…).

The above mentioned advantages of a new building should nevertheless implicitly be kept in mind and respected when deciding upon new or old, just as well as possible repairs / repair back-up in old buildings… Here it is necessary to get an exact picture beforehand. If necessary professionals should be called in.

The acquisition of new real estate is encouraged by the state in such a respect (and therefore has a respective cost advantage compared to an old building) that additional purchase costs (in general called „frais de notaire“) are notably less for new buildings (for tax authorities those are all buildings not older than 5 years) than for old buildings.

By the way when purchasing new buildings you must consider that, at least during the last few years, the demand for new buildings was so great that the programmes were regularly sold before construction finished and partially even before the construction began. So whoever for example would like to buy a new building will as a rule have to be patient until he/she can occupy the purchased object.