General information on beginning the search / Where would you like to buy real estate?
House or apartment?
New building or old building?
What does the price of the object depend upon?
Who is your negotiating partner for acquisition?
The current market situation on the Cote d’Azur
Acquisition of an old building / Viewings / Appraisals
Preliminary Contract ( „avant contrat“)
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Additional expenses for the purchase („frais de notaire“ or „frais d’acte“)
Purchase of a new building
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Right of succession
Conducting a sale / Preparations for the sale
Landing stage for your boat: Buy or rent?
General information on beginning the search / Where would you like to buy real estate?

Certainly you already know the Côte d’Azur from holidays or educational tours. Why if you didn’t already get to know and love it would you have decided to settle down there and to seal this decision with the purchase of a house or an apartment?

Nevertheless time and again we experience that one or the other of our customers has certain consulting needs because he/she cannot entirely decide between this or that city, this or that area, back-country or coast. We therefore compiled some information here about the region of the Cote d’Azur in general and about individual areas / cities of which we believe, if necessary, can be helpful to you when brooding over „your future home“. They are only remarks / ideas which cannot and should not be substituted by firsthand experience or acquaintance.

1. Transportation accessibility

The entire area of the Cote d’Azur has been made available to transportation very well via the motorways and tracks of the fast TGV-connections. For many of our customers however the nearness to Nice’s international airport is of crucial importance. This even more so since Nice is now excellently connected to the English and Irish infrastructure by „bargain airlines“ such as easyjet. Those who would like to make use of the nearness of the airport will be more interested in Antibes and Cannes in the west and –east of the airport – Villefranche / Beaulieu / Monaco and Menton and in the back-country in Vence, St.- Paul, Grasse, Valbonne instead of Sainte Maxime or Saint Tropez.

2. Ocean vicinity or back-country?

Actually this is not a correct question because as a matter of fact the area which the French define as back-country on the Cote d’Azur is also very close to the ocean (from Grasse to the ocean e.g. it takes about a half hour by car). In regard to this alternative it is more a question of if you want to be able to see the ocean or just want to know that it is behind the next hill.

This is a very important choice in which case the result is also extremely noticeable in price (ocean view / ocean vicinity costs!).

3. Rather urban or rather rural?

Nice is one of the largest cities in France; Cannes is an urban middle centre; Monaco bristles with urbanity. Is it the urbanity with all its convenient and inconvenient characteristics which you seek or are you rather looking for rural idyll /peace?

By the way rural idyll / peace cannot only be found in the back-country but rather also near the coast and ocean (a nice example is the entire peninsula of Saint Tropez and also many other parts of the Departements Var.

4. Is golf important to you?

Should this be the case then you are in good hands anywhere on the Cote d’Azur.

5. Are water sports important to you?

Here the same applies as said for golf. There are marinas everywhere on the Cote.

In this connection we would however like to especially indicate a certain spot of earth because it virtually represents paradise for ship owners: Port Grimaud the lagoon city on the Golf of St.- Tropez designed and built by Daniel Spoerry: The owner e.g. of one of the maisons de pecheur with berth has a parking space for his car on one side of his house and on the other side, right next to the garden, the berth for his ship. Sensational!

6. Do you love exclusiveness?

The entire Cote d’Azur is exclusive! But as always there is always the more exclusive: indicator for this is also as always the price!

The most expensive locations on the entire Cote d’Azur are situated on the „Caps“ (Cap Ferrat, Cap d’Antibes, Cap Matin, Cap d’Ail), in Cannes (Croisette, Californie and Super-Cannes) and in Saint-Tropez. Not to be forgotten certain locations in Nice, Villefranche, Beaulieu and Menton.

Almost all locations with direct accessibility to the ocean (the French call these locations „pieds dans l’eau“- the feet in the water) can be regarded to be “exclusive” as they are extremely rare, extremely in demand and extremely expensive.

If it were only a question of price then the Princedom of Monaco would almost leave behind all of these locations. But Monaco is in a „league of its own“ which will be explained later on.