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Landing stage for your boat: Buy or rent?
Landing stage for your boat: Buy or rent?

Whereas the rental costs for your boat landing stage are lost, the purchase price usually amortizes for the owner within 5 or 10 years depending on the port and on the purchase price paid. A landing stage, which you have bought, may be sold again at any time, sometimes even with profit.

Since most of the port companies at the French coasts are organized like joint-stock companies, you have to find someone who wishes to sell his shares and thus his landing stage. In Port de Plaisance at Beaulieu, for example, an 8.00 m x 2.60 m sized stage holds 10 shares and a 12.00 m x 4.50 m sized stage 24 shares. In the first case, the sales price is between FF 85.000 and FF 150.000 (annual rent approx. FF 15.000), and in the second case it amounts to FF 500.000 on average (annual rent approx. FF 65.000).

Before conclusion of a purchase contract it is most important to obtain information on the time limit, when the landing stages or the complete port will fall back to the community or the state. In case there are 10 years remaining from date of purchase, you will have to calculate, if an amortization is guaranteed. In case there are only 5 years remaining, a purchase is not worthwhile.